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The Balance Project!

The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought with it a series of challenges. One of these includes the effect it has taken on women and their work-life balance. Research has found that there has been a drastic increase in rates of women’s stress and mental health concerns, however there is little practical support available on how to prevent it.

The Balance Project aims to support and equip women and their workplace leaders to better manage work-life balance in a post covid working world.

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our ‘to do’ list
Thomas Eisner

Wrestling with work-life balance is a luxury, when working to support a family is a necessity rather than a choice. I think that focus is only partially a result of these tough economic times. I think it also reflects a bit of "having it all fatigue": women are worn out from feeling the pressure to excel at work and be the perfect mom at home.

- Willow Bay

Our project shifts the support burden solely from women, by empowering employers and workplace leaders to take ownership and support their staff in a meaningful way. By creating new upskilling pathways Balance ensures that women are more prepared to deal with the stresses and requirements within our modern world. Not only this but Balance supports those in leadership roles, empowering them to create a culture of support.

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Better Balance: A Guide

Our Better Balance Guide will help to upskill adult educators to be able to successfully deliver training on the nuances of remote working, creating balance within a digital world and recognising the imbalances in your life.

Engage with coaching, workshops and get tips for a better work life balance.

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Balance Online Course

The Balance Online Course will provide supervisors, team leaders with the knowledge, skills and awareness needed to update management practices to better manage and support their remote working staff. This will contribute to increased wellness, productivity, and staff satisfaction!

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Call for Case studies for the Library of Experiences
The Library of Experiences of the Balance project is a collaborative online space especially for women affected by the pandemic, where they can share their work-life balance related stories and needs. If you would like to get involved or want to find out some more information you can access the case study template HERE.