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The pandemic has had a huge impact on our lives, how we work, how we communicate and also how we manage our wellbeing. Research shows that women are more affected by the pandemic than their male counterparts across the board within Europe, bearing the brunt of the “invisible labour” within the home. Many people are struggling in the post covid working world to find balance within their work life, suffering from burnout and digital drain. Within our Library of Experiences we hope that you can fins some peer support, motivation and empathy that can start you on your journey towards a more healthy and balanced lifestyle!

We have created a collaborative online space showcasing experiences from women working during the pandemic all over Europe. The Balance team have interviewed a wide range of women, from those working full time and managing kids and the household tasks right through to younger women who studied alongside their work during the pandemic. Although their experiences are varied, we see a common thread running throughout these stories, sometime stress and worry but often we see the light of hope coming through.

Explore our case studies below and if you are interested in being included within our library please contact us through our social media channels below:



Separate working time from private life with Milena Ivanova

New opportunities to do things differently with Gemma Valls

Clear boundaries between work and private life


KMOP Anonymous Researcher

My burnout story Marianna Tzaerli

Virtual education and family support - Afroditi Pronti

Covid-19 Lessons With Archonti Papadopoulou


Growing A Family And Working Smarter Vilma Puriene

Leading By Example Dr. Sue Rossano Rivera

Learning To Balance Work/Life With Bronwyn April

Sharing Insights On Hybrid Working Finola Howe

Lessons Learned During A Pandemic Meabh Conaghan


Many Opportunities For Self-Development Veronika Rogalevits

From A Nursery And Ever-Working Canteen To A Serious Workplace And University Julia Reiman

Positive Changes Took Place Faster Than Usual Helen Joost

Health Comes First With Marielle Rajasaare


Jumping Into Water In An Unknown Place

The Manager's View Riikka

Working From Home Has Become A New Normal With Maija Lampinen

Sick Days Have Turned Into Remote Work


Virtual Environments Vital For Success

Are Focus Apps And Switching Off The Answer To Preventing Burnout?

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Call for Case studies for the Library of Experiences
The Library of Experiences of the Balance project is a collaborative online space especially for women affected by the pandemic, where they can share their work-life balance related stories and needs. If you would like to get involved or want to find out some more information you can access the case study template HERE.