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There is already a lot of research on the effects and the changes caused by Covid 19. A one part of the Balance Project is to give faces for these changes. We have interviewed women from partner countries. The interviews are the core of Balance Library of Experiences. 

Covid 19 forced to change different practices at work. Now many of these practices are here to stay. Work is more flexible and technology is utilized as a normal part of work. Remote work is much more in common than it was before the pandemic. Less time is used for travelling and this can be a big thing even if you are working at the office and having meetings inside the same city: 

“Many things are easier than before. A 90-minute face to face meeting would be half a day meeting, if you have to travel to the meeting in metropolitan area. Now these meetings are often online and you save a lot of time.”

Digitalization brings also challenges for digital well-being:

”You have to be aware all the time: There might be new tasks via different channels any time and you have to follow all of them.”

Many managers have recognised this challenge and are trying to tackle it:

”You have to ponder what media and tool to use for different purposes. As a manager you have to think what is effective and good for your workers.

Project results will support change and your well-being! 

The Balance Project results are now in construction and testing phase. In the end of the project the following results will be available: 

  • Balance Library of Experiences: Women sharing their stories, challenges and solutions in interviews
  • Better Balance - A Guide: Facts about the changes caused by Covid 19 and the ways how to recognise and avoid the imbalances in your life
  • The Balance Online Course: Easy to access online course with short modules will provide supervisors and team leaders with the knowledge, skills and awareness needed to update management practices to better manage and support their remote working staff. This will contribute to increased wellness, productivity, and staff satisfaction!
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Call for Case studies for the Library of Experiences
The Library of Experiences of the Balance project is a collaborative online space especially for women affected by the pandemic, where they can share their work-life balance related stories and needs. If you would like to get involved or want to find out some more information you can access the case study template HERE.