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The COVID-19 impacted on the hole society, however some collectives suffered the consequences on a deeper level due to their vulnerable position. This is the case of women in general, who had to cope with taking care of others and performing their working tasks in one unique environment: home. 

The Balance project focuses on the difficulties that women encountered to balance private life with work life and how they have adapted to this challenge. The economic fields that where more negatively impacted by the Covid are the sectors in which we find a higher percentage of women. In addition, the rapid implementation of the remote work increased their burn out as it is a difficulty to combine it with the unpaid labour that (most of the time) fall on them. 

The project is not only targeted to women, but also to their employers and adult educators. Balance aims to support and equip women and their workplace leaders for a better managing of the work-life balance. Through high quality and accessible learning materials to their users, it is intended to provide them with the sufficient tools to achieve a healthier digital lifestyle. Targeting adult educators has the aim to upskilling their competences on digital balance education. 

Tallinn University, from Estonia, is coordinating this project in collaboration with 5 other European partners: Turun yliopisto - University of Turku (Finland), eucen (Belgium), European E-Learning Institute (Denmark), Momentum Educate + Innovate (Ireland) and KMOP (Greece). 

The projects started in November 2021 and will finish in November of 2023. The tools developed by this project are three:

  1. BALANCE Library of Experiences. A platform where women can voice their experiences and receive advice from other women, empowering them to share and validate their own pandemic challenges.
  2. Better BALANCE Guide. This guide is aimed at adult educators, to upskill them to be able to successfully deliver training on the nuances of remote working, creating balance within a digital world and recognised the imbalances in life.  
  3. BALANCE Online Course. A multilingual, inclusive, and interactive course, aimed at supervisors and team leaders (who have the ability to influence the tone of the working environment) to provide them with knowledge, skills and awareness to support the remote working staff.

In summary, the Balance project will support and equip women and their workplace leaders to better manage work-life balance, improving digital balance and managing techniques for reducing stress and anxiety within the modern working world.

Erasmus+ grant 2021-1-EE01-KA220-ADU-000028237

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Call for Case studies for the Library of Experiences
The Library of Experiences of the Balance project is a collaborative online space especially for women affected by the pandemic, where they can share their work-life balance related stories and needs. If you would like to get involved or want to find out some more information you can access the case study template HERE.